Brain ConceptOpportunities in Computational Infrastructure and Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience



Cognitive neuroscience is a field defined by ambitiously rich models and analyses, with growing demands for scalable computing infrastructures that enable breakthrough discovery. However, many neuroscientists may lack the knowledge and awareness of existing and emerging computational infrastructures that would enable yet-unrealized discovery, and computational experts may similarly lack an understanding of the scalable potential of even well-established neuroscience methodologies. By leveraging intimate conversation between a working group of cognitive neuroscientists, computational methodologists, and infrastructure experts, this 2.5-day workshop aims to identify opportunities for applying greater computational power across major classes of neuroscience methods and to elucidate key practices and potential challenges for consideration by the broader research community. Following the workshop, findings will be disseminated in the form of a white paper and as intended contributions to the 2018 meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2018).

In particular, the workshop aims to address the following questions:

  • What computational infrastructures are best suited for major classes of computational methods employed in cognitive neuroscience?
  • What infrastructures will scale best to meet future needs and expose otherwise unforeseen pathways to discovery?
  • What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for bringing large-scale computing to a greater number of neuroscience researchers and research problems?

Leveraging an intimate format, the agenda includes

  • kickoff talks highlighting computational approaches and requirements across major areas of cognitive neuroscience
  • discussion from computational methodologists and experts in contemporary compute infrastructures
  • working group discussion and breakout groups to define practices and emerging opportunities that achieve scalable computational impact across major classes of computational neuroscience approaches

Orchard View Room, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (Discovery Building)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
330 N. Orchard St.,
Madison, WI 53706

The hotel shuttle will provide transportation to/from the workshop location, each day.

Hotel and Travel
Hotel and air travel will be covered by the workshop via the University of Wisconsin-Madison for attendees who cannot cover their own costs. Please refrain from booking a hotel room or flight until we have confirmed your RSVP with additional booking details.

Those paying for themselves may wish to book at the same hotel:
Park Hotel Madison
22 S Carroll St, Madison, WI 53703
(608) 285-8000

Steering Committee
Lauren Michael (chair, contact)
Christopher Cox
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
Srikantan Nagarajan
Ken Norman
Rob Nowak
Bijan Pesaran
Timothy Rogers
Rebecca Willet

Funding and Other Support
We are pleased to have support for this workshop from the National Science Foundation and our hosts, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the Town Center.