e3iVR Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the conference start and end?

The conference officially starts at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, April 26. Registration will be open from Noon until 1:00 pm outside the DeLuca Forum in the Discovery Building at 330 N Orchard St in Madison, WI.

The Living Environments Laboratory will be offering lab tours and virtual reality demonstrations from 9:30 am – 11:00 am on Wednesday morning. If you haven’t experienced virtual reality, we highly recommend that you visit the lab during this time to become familiar with the technology.

The portion of the conference open to the public concludes at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, April 26.

For selected workgroup members, the conference will conclude at 2:45 pm on Thursday, April 27.

I don’t know much about virtual reality. Why have I been nominated to be part of the conference workgroup?

The goal of the conference is to widely share a set of recommended instructions for use of virtual reality technology with patients and research participants. We seek a set of guidelines that can be easily understood by the general public. Members of the general public will provide value to this conference by serving as a “check” to ensure the guidelines are sufficiently clear and approachable.

Why is this important?

Virtual reality technology is being used to help patients and to make new scientific discoveries. This conference will bring together the communities who create the technology, use the technology, and experience the technology as patients or research subjects. The workgroup will produce a set of guidelines for use of this technology. Right now, individual research teams and clinical teams create their own guidelines, which are then reviewed by their independent review boards. Developing a set of standard guidelines will support consistency and broad use, and provide a baseline for continuous improvement.

What about parking?

There are parking ramps across the street from the conference location (The Discovery Building at the University of Wisconsin – Madison). The conference will cover the cost of parking for all workgroup members, and we will provide detailed parking instructions prior to the conference.

What are the expectations of the workgroup attendees?

On Day 2 the workgroup will convene to develop a set of guidelines for use of virtual reality in clinical and research settings.

We ask that you bring a willingness to speak up if you have an opinion about the topic being discussed. We have an exceptional lead facilitator lined up to guide the workgroup discussion. He will create a setting and structure that helps people feel at ease with sharing their thoughts. For members of the general public, we hope that you feel comfortable asking for clarification if a proposed guideline contains too much technical jargon, is overly complicated, etc.

We will create a separate track, if needed, to ensure that people are in discussions that are relevant and appropriate. The intent is to have a day of engaging, productive conversation.

I’d like to talk with someone to learn more about this conference, so that I can determine if I’m a good fit for the workgroup. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to the conference organizers at e3ivr@discovery.wisc.edu or give Erica Gill a call at 608-316-4327.

What meals are provided to workgroup participants?

  • Wednesday, April 26th – Dinner
  • Thursday, April 27th – Breakfast and Lunch

We will serve refreshments and snacks during conference breaks.

What is the schedule for the conference?

See the schedule page for details.