Advisory Panel

Nancy Alar

Nancy Alar,

Patient Representative,
Pilar Ossario

Pilar Ossorio, JD

Ethicist in Residence, Morgridge Institute for Research
Professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Law
Carla Pugh

Carla Pugh, MD

Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vice Chair, Education and Patient Safety
Clinical Director, UW Health Clinical Simulation Program
Kevin Ponto

Kevin Ponto, PhD

Investigator, Living Environments Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Design Studies
University of Wisconsin–Madison,
Alan Rubel

Alan Rubel, PhD, JD

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy & Law School
University of Wisconsin–Madison,
Karl Shoemaker

Karl Shoemaker, PhD

Associate Professor, History & Ethics
Discovery Fellow, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
University of Wisconsin–Madison,
Patti Brennan

Patti Brennan, RN, PhD (Chair)

Director, National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health,
US Department of Health and Human Services,
Erica Gill

Erica Gill, (Facilitator)

Associate Director, Living Environment Laboratory (LEL)
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Office: (608) 316-4327 | Cell: (608) 444-6603 |