Friday March 2nd

Start 9am with intro color lecture by Karen Schloss

Mid-day Keynote external Lecture#1 by arts/humanities lecturer-Theresa Kelley to identify

4:00pm-5:30pm Social and poster session

5:30pm External Keynote #2 by Bevil Conway–confirmed.

Keynote speakers– HOW MANY ARE WE PLANNING FOR?  private dinner at 6:#0pm in Steenbock dining room

Saturday March 3rd

Tie into WID Saturday -does it need to involve Aldo Leopold–Kevin will followup with Laura Heisler

External Keynote #3 by Roger Hanlon, Marine Biological Laboratory,  “Secrets of Camouflage in Nature”—Need to check with Laura on morning schedule

Afternoon of 3rd- can have more talks –another color session.