Deepak Vashishth, Ph.D.

Biofabrication and Biomanufacturing: Where Biology Meets Engineering

Deepak Vashishth

  • Director, Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center for Biotechnology & Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS), conducting breakthrough research on bones, Deepak Vashishth, PhD, is working to redefine the role of a top tier research university: one that is engaged in public and private partnerships, involved in interdisciplinary research, and providing quality education, all to drive entrepreneurial, sustainable, socially responsible scientific discovery and technological innovation. Through his work as a University Center Director since2013, previously as a School of Engineering Department head (2009-2013), and in professional societies he has successfully developed partnerships, programs and platforms, to drive translational scientific research across disciplines, sectors, and geographic boundaries. In particular he envisioned and facilitated the creation of two transformative research centers (Bioimaging Center and Center for Translational Research in Medicine); led the development of an industry partners program to enhance technology transfer and commercialization; and broadened the scope of interdisciplinary research by combining biotechnology with architecture, humanities, and management.  His research interests are in the area of biomolecular science and engineering of extracellular matrix with particular emphasis on bone tissue engineering and diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.Working in collaboration with others, his research group has identified new structural roles for bone proteins and developed new biomimickry-based strategies for tissue engineering scaffolds. He is bringing his breakthrough research to market, co-founding a company (Orthograft plc), to produce the acellular biomimetic grafts for bone repair. Professor Vashishth and his research group have published more than 200 peer-reviewed journal publications and conference proceedings in top journals including PNAS, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, Langmuir and others. His work, presented in the form of more than 100 invited and contributed lectures, has been cited as a “Making old bones new”, “New Hope for Osteoporosis Patients” and “Secret Formula for Bone Strength” in
mainstream media. He is fellow of the AIMBE and serves as Academic Editor for PloS One and editorial board member for Bone and the Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of BiomedicalMaterials. He is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, American Society of Bone andMineral Research, American Association for Advancement of Science, and the Orthopaedic Research Society.Dr. Vashishth is a dedicated, creative, and future-focused educator who has won Rensselaer awards for outstanding and innovative classroom teaching including the Class of 1951 OutstandingTeaching award.  He directs the NIGMS predoctoral T32 program in the area of biomolecular science and engineering that includes emphasis on technology transfer and entrepreneurship.Three of the trainees in the program have started new companies based in United States.  Dr. Vashishth, as co-PI, also directs the NSF funded I-site program at Rensselaer in collaboration with the Lally School of Management.  The program is focused on customer discovery as way to enhance success of start-up companies in United States.He earned his B. Eng with honors from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (India), MS fromWest Virginia University (USA) and PhD from the University of London (UK). He then conducted post-doctoral research at the Bone and Joint Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, HenryFord Hospital before joining Rensselaer as an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering in 1999.